an experienced mediator between 

organizers, artists  &  Audiences 

New JAM's main focus is promoting 
regional and international jazz artists. 
How ?
On the one hand, New JAM regularly mediates
the artists suitable dates for jazz performances
and on the other hand
the selected cooperating Luxembourg cultural centers
are informed about  the availability of jazz projects.
NEW JAM was founded in 2022 by members of 

JAM asbl (Esch/Alzette - G.D. Luxembourg) 
who realized  200 concerts between 1985 and 2005.




                **COMING SOON**

--------  SAVE THE DATEs  ----------

 *SAMEDI 24.2.2024    20H 


en coopération avec le


 (>>NewJAM ally)  et le


United Ad+Hoc Ensemble

Christof THEWES       trombone   D

Luciano PAGLIARINI  a-sax           I

Michel MEIS                drums         L
Jan RODER                   bass           D

CINÉ ARISTON 9, rue Pierre Claude, 4063 Esch-sur-Alzette 
[email protected]

+++ Our Friends in Grevenmacher present

SA.: 27.1.2024 am STUED THEATER - Grevenmacher


Gast Klares  - digital and analog electronics
Lex Gillen - flutes, stones, handpan, waterphone
Laurent Hoffmann - bass, trumpet, oud

18a route du vin
L-6794 Grevenmacher

réservations: [email protected]
++++ Our friends in SAARBRUCKEN (Germany) announce the

 9. FreeJazzFestival Saarbrücken 

* 20.3 - 24.3 2024

NEW JAM  who!  what!  how!

 Who is NEW JAM?

New JAM is the non-profit successor organization to 
Between 1987 and 2005, JAM organized concert series, jazz festivals, cinema concerts, workshops, exhibitions in the south of Luxembourg, called the Minett region.
Musicians from the 5 continents performed both in the KUFA  in Esch/Alzette, the second largest city and center of the steel and metallurgical industry in the country, where it all began,  then in Cafés of E/A, an then also in the Cultural Centers of Dudelange, Differdange and the Capital Luxembourg.   Last but not least - at the Escher Theater where JAM was there for almost 9 years Jazz program designed until 2005.

  • Photo: Carl Ludwig HÜBSCH D (tuba) 
  • Cafe UBU Esch/ALzette
  • Photo an scanned negativ by Alfred BISENIUS

So what to do?

After a forced break of 17 years in 2022, some of the JAM members decided to get involved in the music scene again.
There was no longer a jazz club, because the venerable jazzclubluxembourg , founded in the 1960s, also meanwhile  had to close down its activities.
Members of NEWJAM felt that the current providers had somehow lost the necessary passion to present creative jazz, in other words, authentic musique vivante, to the audience.
New JAM rekindled the fire of passion and the immense response to the first wave of inquiries from former JAM musicians was so motivating that we got NEW JAM off the ground.

  • Photo: Günther Baby SOMMER D (Drums)
  • Differdange  Aalt Stathaus
  • Photo by Alfred BISENIUS

What does NEW JAM!

NJ is looking for jazz artists
who want to present creative jazz projects, also multidisciplinary, with both current and traditional playing styles of jazz, contemporary improvised music and family genres, who want to break through musical horizons beyond the mainstream 
and who want it that way
contribute in a meaningful way to better understanding between cultures.

  • Photo:  Lauren NEWTON  USA  (voice)
  • Cafe UBU / Escher Theater
  • Photo an scanned negativ by Alfred BISENIUS

How does New JAM!

The NEW JAM label stands for:
Enjoy Creative Jazz
Where can you find favorable places to achieve this in the best possible way?
NEW JAM works closely with
competent cultural centers, organizers and public theaters that have long been offering their audiences exciting and educational contemporary performing arts projects as well as sophisticated entertainment.
Live Creative Jazz is exactly right there, then jazz has had a more lasting impact on the arts than any other cultural phenomenon of the last 100 years.

  • Photo Michel PILZ     Lux  ( bassclarinet)  1945-2023
  • Café UBU Escher Theater
  • Photo by Alfred BISENIUS


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